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Thousands of multi-religious youth in different countries across the globe took part in #cleanpraycollaborate initiative on June 5, 2016, commemorating UN World Environment Day today, in order to learn each other's faith traditions, as well as deliver much-needed services for the religious sites. In Europe a few of EIYN's member organizations organized activities for the initiative that took place in different countries. cleanpray

Religions for Peace Global Interfaith Youth Network’s initiative titled “Welcoming the Other: Clean, Pray, Collaborate” is a global awareness multi-religious campaign to encourage safe, clean, and environmentally friendly places of worship in celebration of the UN World Environment day. Multi-Religious Youth work together, volunteering their time and efforts to service their local Mosques, Synagogues, Churches, Pagodas, Temples and Gurdwaras needs to be more Eco-friendly.

Religions for Peace (RfP) Global Interfaith Youth Network (GIYN) has focused on Protecting the Earth as one of it’s three main priorities for 2016-2018, along with Countering Violent Religious Extremism (VRE) and addressing the global Refugee Crisis. Multi-Religious Youth leaders have taken initiatives to engage their respective local populations in very simple act s of care for the environment and each other through advocacy, education and other community awareness raising actions.

cleanprayIn 2016, RfP GIYN launched an initiative titled Welcoming the Other: Clean, Pray, Collaborate, as a one-day global awareness multi-religious campaign to encourage safe, clean, and environmentally friendly places of worship in celebration of United Nations Environmental Program World Environment day on June 5th, 2016.

Multi-Religious Youth collaborated on volunteering in each other’s local mosques, synagogues, churches, temples etc. by assessing what each specific place requires assistance in. Some of the activities were to campaign for the installations of working toilets, organizing rubbish collection or equipping the site to be eco-friendly. Leading up to this day, the youth appreciated and learned from each other about each faith tradition, as well as delivered much needed services for these religious sites.


In Europe , in UK, young Buddhists from our member organisation (Soko Gokkai UK) joined with young local Muslims and cleaned the mosque and its grounds in a city of Maidenhead. As Gabrielle Westhead, from SGI group, said: "This event is of no cost but has a potential powerful symbolic impact on our local communities and places of worship". It looks also, like the youth enjoyed the time together and had a successful dialogue between about environmental issues and elements of Buddhist and Islamic faiths.   

Another activity in the framework of our
#cleanpraycollaborate global multi-religious initiative took place in Leicester, UK, and it was an event organised by our member organisation National Hindu Students' Forum (UK) Local youth volunteered in a local Hindu temple, called Sanatan Mandir. The youth helped clean the mandir and helped serve food to the temple's devotees. 


Clean, Pray, Collaborate will be an annual event, so join and follow the initiative under #CleanPrayCollaborate and start planning activities for June 5 2017 already!


- Volunteer to clean up places of worship by having a group of multi-religious youth visit one or more temples, churches, mosques, or synagogues and pick up garbage.

- Install soap and hand sanitizers dispensers, stock up on toilet paper or offer to beautify the building itself through repainting or repairing.

- Start a waste reduction and recycling program.

Participate in community cleanups and beautification projects.

- Start a waste reduction and recycling program.

- Instill a culture of water saving by introducing a feasible water
management policy

"We, the youth of different faith groups, are determined to live together in peace and mutual appreciation. We are united in the belief that it is our duty to play a crucial role in overcoming violence and striving for justice. This ideal will only be achieved through interfaith cooperation, which will be facilitated by the establishment of the European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN)"; Geneva declaration