35 young leaders from Europe, Middle East and North Africa, representing biggest European faith-based organizations as well as social activists and journalists from Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco, took part, in June 20-24, in four days long Dialogue Seminar, in Norway, focusing on 3 subjects: dialogue for solving conflicts, Arab Spring and economical crisis. The seminar was followed by 2 days long annual summit of European Interfaith Youth Network, a network of youth organizations from all religions present in Europe, dedicated to implementing its slogan: "Different faiths – Common action".

The seminar took place in the premises of Nansen Academy of Lillehammer, the Norwegian Humanistic Academy, founded in 1938, as a protest against the growth of totalitarian ideologies inEurope. Dialogue sessions of the seminar were led by leading trainers of the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, known for their dialogue method and work for reconciliation in different parts of the world. Sessions on Arab Spring were led by professor Wajih Kanso from Lebanese University and two young journalists (woman and man) from Egypt. The participants took part also in sessions on economic crisis, led by Fredrik Glad Gjernes – who has been leading campaigns against poverty eradication and economical injustice in many organizations; they shared their personal testimonies on how economic crisis affected life of youth in different countries, and discussed the possible role of spirituality in fighting the crisis and economic injustice.

The Dialogue Seminar was organized by EIYN, UngDialog youth interfaith group from Norway, Nansen Academy, European Council of Religious Leaders and ADYAN – Lebanese foundation for foundation for interfaith studies and spiritual solidarity. It was financed by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religions for Peace international.

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"We, the youth of different faith groups, are determined to live together in peace and mutual appreciation. We are united in the belief that it is our duty to play a crucial role in overcoming violence and striving for justice. This ideal will only be achieved through interfaith cooperation, which will be facilitated by the establishment of the European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN)"; Geneva declaration