Our multi religious vision of Peace includes the call to all people of faith to "welcome the other.
Each of our diverse faith traditions calls for profound active solidarity with,
and empathy for, the "other" rooted in a spirit of unity, as a deeply held
and widely shared valueamong our religious communities.
"Welcoming the other" means respect and acceptance of one another.

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32 young Christians, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs, from different European countries, took part in a week long intercultural interfaith seminar “Bridging our differences. Learning skills of intercultural dialogue together!” 31 March 6 April 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland. The seminar was organized by World Students Christian Federation – Europe  (WSCF-E) and Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP, EYN).


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valletri 1Who is my neighbor? What does my faith tradition tells me, when it comes to welcoming migrants to my country/to Europe, sharing my country with minorities? These and other related questions, were asked and discussed by 45 students, coming from different Christian national student organizations from all over Europe, as well as young Jews and Muslims, who took part last week in a conference "Who is my Neighbor? Migration and Xenophobia in Europe", in Valletri, Italy, since 27th of October till 1st of November.

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Religious communities, religious leaders and youth organizations of different faiths in France joined together last month, in condemning and protesting the atrocious attacks in Toulouse. Member organizations of Religions for Peace EIYN mobilized thousands of youth in Toulouse, Lyon and Paris, to participate in different actions in response to the killings of three kids, the rabbi and three soldier. Below is a summary of most important actions.

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"We, the youth of different faith groups, are determined to live together in peace and mutual appreciation. We are united in the belief that it is our duty to play a crucial role in overcoming violence and striving for justice. This ideal will only be achieved through interfaith cooperation, which will be facilitated by the establishment of the European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN)"; Geneva declaration